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Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Meditation

The versatility of The MaxPAC® extends far beyond the gym to other holistic fitness modalities. Yoga and Pilates complement each other in terms of Core Strength, Balance, Posture, Stability, Flexibility, and Mental Clarity.

Yoga is an ancient practice of poses, breathing, and meditation, to unite body, mind and spirit. The poses (asanas) are performed with focused, deep breathing (pranayama) as you move in a flow between holding the poses (static movement). Yoga strengthens and tones muscle, increases flexibility, and helps lubricate the joints, tendons, and ligaments. The combination of breathing, stretching, and twists massage internal organs to help detoxification. Yoga is also beneficial for calming the mind and stress reduction. The MaxPAC® can be used in many yoga poses, as well as for mediation. Due to its softer structure, sitting on The MaxPAC® is more comfortable because it conforms to each person’s glutes, lowers the hip flexors, and immediately lifts and aligns the spinal column. Standing on The MaxPAC® to stretch stimulates even more balance, core stability, and leg strength.

Pilates lengthens, strengthens, and stretches all the major muscle groups in your body in a balanced framework. Each exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm, and breathing pattern done in a dynamic movement.

It requires focus on muscular control and balance. Using gravity and your own body weight to provide resistance, Pilates challenges you by putting you into unstable postures which require your body to stabilize itself.

The MaxPAC® subtly shifts in every direction you move, causing extra resistance and instability, which requires more strength, balance, and muscle stabilization throughout your body! Adding The MaxPAC® to your Yoga or Pilates workouts doubles your challenge and your results!

Yoga / Pilates / Stretching / Meditation Exercises

1. Mountain Pose With Upward and Side Stretches

2. Forward Fold (Glute & Hamstring / Back & Neck Stretch)

3. Sitting Spinal Twist (sitting on Aqua)

4. Down Dog / Planks / Push Ups (2 Red MaxPAC®s under palms)

5. Aqua: Tree Pose

6. Aqua: Boat Pose

7. Open Heart Center (choose your size MaxPAC® between shoulder blades)

8. Rolling Like a Ball (Pilates) 8lb between quads

9. The Roll Up (Pilates) 8lb between quads

10. Hundreds (Pilates) 8lb between quads

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