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Good day all! As a retired Senior Master Sergeant from the Air Force and the NCOIC of the PT program for my entire base. I have used The MaxPAC Strength and Training system to enhance and excel my body’s ability. It can and will enable all who use it to not just pass their PT requirements, but it will allow them to pass on the first try. As anyone in the military knows you want to be 100% mission capable at all times, and if you don’t pass the PT then you are not Mission ready and non-deployable. This fact alone should push you to get The MaxPAC system for your troops and get them ready for the fight! It will increase your mission-capable ready rate by leaps and bounds.
Owning a fitness gym myself after I retired, The MaxPACs have made it so much easier to get my clients fit quicker, build stamina & endurance, and overall healthier lifestyle. They are much happier and healthier all from utilizing The MaxPAC. I highly recommend any facility to get this system for their people! I wish I had this system when I was in charge of my PT program. I would have had a much higher passing PT rate for my troops!

SMSgt Sean Vareia (Retired)

I am a fitness expert and my first time using The MaxPAC I felt its ability to target not only my core muscles, but the stability techniques allow you to exercise your minimal muscles as well. I see The MaxPAC being the wave of the future of exercises and as the recharge for humanity. The MaxPAC also helps our military enhance their ability to exceed physical standards on their annual fitness test.

SSgt Clinton Coleman (Retired), Owner, Experingenics

The MaxPAC is a true game-changer. It’s versatile, portable, and powerful. I started using a set about 6 months before the PFT. Due to the op tempo in my current billet, my PT regimen was often stop/start, which was frustrating. With the MaxPAC, I was able to stay on track despite a robust travel schedule.
I put the 16lb blue MaxPAC in my carry-on luggage and used this as a weight in a ruck on runs, for chest presses, and for abdominal work. All on the road. My run time improved by 30 seconds, and I scored a 300 PFT. I was so impressed with this product that I canceled my gym membership. I can do far more in less time with the MaxPAC. I wish every Marine was issued a set. It’s that good.

Mike T.

I've worked out with Andrea Hammer and The MaxPACs numerous times and I can undoubtedly say they are the most intense workout I have ever experienced. The tension it puts on your body is unparallel compared to anything I've done before. I work out 6 days a week with dumbbells and various other machines, but The MaxPAC brings it to another level. There are so many different things you can do with all of them. Time under tension is what sold me. I find myself using muscles I've never used before. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and I have finally found it with The MaxPAC. It doesn't matter what your fitness goals are, The MaxPAC definitely provides it all! Thanks, Andrea Hammer!

Marc Zanowic

Andrea Hammer is so devoted to her clients, friends, and family. I believe that’s what makes Andrea a fabulous fitness instructor and coach. She dedicates her time to helping others to become healthy and fit, whatever age you are. I’ve had the pleasure of using The MaxPACs - and it is helping me with some of my challenges. At 74 years young, I’ve worked out for many years, and I believe the MaxPAC is going to help me with my core and balance, which are my weakest areas. The MaxPAC totally showed me how I can improve my strength. I’m excited to coach with Andrea since I trust her expertise. She’s an awesome teacher. Love you forever in my heart

Rochelle Schwartz, Certified Emotional Relationship Coach

Simply put, The MaxPAC is a game-changer in the fitness world. It certainly has been for me and my workouts. In short, the design and utility are simple and safe for beginners of all ages, but the slightest change in grip or technique will increase the intensity and challenge of the same exercise. The MaxPAC is more versatile and user-friendly compared to any other product on the market. The workout options are endless, whether on the floor or standing, or anything in between. For me, I regularly use a 25lbs kettle bell, but found when executing the same routine with an 8 or 16 lbs MaxPAC, the workout is more challenging despite the lesser weight. Although I also own the 24lbs MaxPAC, I am currently not strong or skilled enough to complete the a routine that I can easily complete with the 25lbs kettle bell; that is why the MaxPAC is a game-changer for me!

Greg Lane

The MaxPAC has changed the way I look at working out! They are very versatile and safe to use. Working out with Andrea and The MaxPACs really activates not just one muscle group but the body as a whole. Not only can you see the difference, you also feel your body and mind working together to knock out these body-transforming workouts! I highly recommend The MaxPACs to anyone who is trying to get into shape. They are the new age of working out! Thank you, Andrea, for this amazing fitness product!


This is the ULTIMATE one-of-a-kind training and fitness product that will change the way you think about fitness. It is a real game-changer!!! I use the MaxPAC to MAXIMIZE my results and get the most out of the time I have to stay fit. This product will blow you away with all the different ways it can be used. There is no comparison to weights, as far as uses, safety, and application. The first thing you will see is the immediate benefit you feel as soon as you pick it up. The idea is that as you grip The MaxPAC, you instantly feel the muscles engage. The weight in the three sizes, 8lbs, 16lbs, and 24lbs gives you the flexibility to combine or build your workout routines, and the design gives you unending possibilities for balance, strength, range of motion, and body sculpting. Andrea Hammer, the product's founder has tons of training videos that you can access on her website. The and on YouTube. So many ways to use them, like lift, curl, press, and push. You can enhance balance as you sit on them, stand on them and what's really great, they can be used in combination with just about any exercise routine. I use them when I am doing yoga, and sometimes just to get my heart rate up, I will do one of Andrea's many workout routines. Another crazy cool thing about The MaxPAC is that they are really awesome to keep in the house. I would never put traditional weights in my living room, but the Max PAC looks awesome and can be easily kept on the end table, coffee table, or in a chair next to a throw blanket. I like them where I can see them, that way I use them more often.
Love Love Love my MaxPACs!!!

Christie Blanc

Brand Ambassador Linzi Martinez

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