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The MaxPAC® Trim Down / Tone Up!

Most people want to lose the “jiggly parts” of their body when exercising – to get toned and in shape, but NOT gain massive muscles like bodybuilders. This is why The MaxPAC® Functional Fitness Training is so effective! Firm, lean muscles come from a combination of increased muscle size AND lower body fat. If you have muscles, but high body fat- your muscle tone is less visible! Therefore, your workouts should “Build Muscle and Burn FAT”! Combining both cardio and strength training all at once produces these results! Almost all MaxPAC® Total Body exercises are created with the principle of “Muscles in Motion” which mean your lower body is actively moving while your upper body is, too!

This is very different than gym machines that have you sit on them, or workouts that have you stand in place. When training with the MaxPAC®, multiple muscles are all working together, holding the load throughout the entire energized workout! The combined forces generated from all the muscle contractions from squeezing, holding, pressing, pushing, pulling, balancing, stepping, etc. heats you up fast! You will FEEL the “BURN” in a matter of seconds. This is why you can do fewer reps with greater results! With The MaxPAC® there are hundreds of combinations for fun, kick-butt workouts! Your new TRIM and TONED Body will love you for your dedicated efforts!

Moderate Effort: Start Slow, Easy, and Focused!

You can use The MaxPAC®s individually or in combination for more challenging workouts!

1. Aqua Trot/ Step With Forward Press (add overhead and triceps press with Red 8lbs)

2. Frog Step (with 8lb. Red overhead press)

3. Squat, Press (with 8lb. Red)

4. Squat, Press, Twist (with 8lb. Red)

5. Lunge Walks With Overhead Press (with pause between steps if needed)

6. “Side to Side” Step With Bicep Curls or Triceps Press (8lb. Red)

7. Aqua Ab Crunch Sitting on Aqua MaxPAC® (add: Red 8lb Overhead Press for extra work)

8. Aqua Ab Crunch With “Knee Squeeze” (add: Red 8lb for inner quads grip for extra work)

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