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“HIIT” With MaxPAC®

High Intensity Interval Training is a series of exercises done in short, intense bursts, giving it your FULL effort, followed by a rest period. HIIT exercises combine aerobics with resistance training, giving your body double the push! When you use The MaxPAC® in your HIIT workouts, the grip strength and velocity stimulate even MORE muscles! This “maximum power” is more challenging, but it gives you an incredible total body workout!

With HIIT Training, your heart rate stays up for the entire exercise which is optimal for burning calories. This is a huge benefit in comparison to a “steady-state” cardio exercise (like walking or running on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a single low speed).

Additionally, with a HITT routine you continue to burn MORE calories AFTER your workout, because your body uses extra energy in the recovery process. This is called: Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption or “EPOC”. Since HIIT Training burns more calories, it is very beneficial in helping you with FAT LOSS!

HIIT Training will also help build muscle strength and endurance because your muscles are working exercise after exercise with minimal rest. This improves your ability to keep working out. Your heart and lungs (circulatory system) increase their ability to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the body, including better blood flow to the brain, which has shown to have positive effects on memory and mental health. Your fitness level, cardiovascular ability, body composition, and well-being all improve.

This is the reason The MaxPAC® is so Amazing! You really work YOUR “Maximum Power and Core!” in LESS TIME with GREATER RESULTS!

MaxPAC® HIIT Exercises

High speed, power, & velocity.

1. High Speed “AQUA TROTS” With Overhead, Forward, and Triceps Presses

2. Fast “FROG HOPS” With Overhead Press

3. SUPERSONIC Squat, Twist, Press!

4. Power “Side-Step” Squat Swings

5. Power Squat Slice

6. Aqua Ab Flutter Kicks (with Flies!!)

7. MaxPAC® Jumping Jax With Overhead Press Up

8. MaxPAC® Burpees

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