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The MaxPAC®
Full Body
Strength and Fitness
Training System!

Safe and Effective Exercises for ALL Fitness Levels!

Build Muscles! Burn Fat!

Workout in Less Time With Greater Results!

As a certified expert in fitness and exercise science, I love weight training and the amazing benefits you get from it. After many years of dumbbells, weight plates, and kettlebells, I wanted different strength training equipment that was as challenging and effective, yet safer, more comfortable to hold. I also wanted to be able to do hundreds of variable exercises with it. So, I created and manufactured my own fitness product: The MaxPAC® Maximum Power And Core!

andrea hammer working out core

The MaxPAC® Is Used for “Total Body” Strength Training!

  1. Build Lean Muscle and Definition
  2. Burn FAT
  3. Increase Core Strength
  4. Increase Grip, Hand, Wrist and Forearm Strength
  5. Improve Balance and Flexibility
  6. Improve Cardiovascular Ability
  7. Increase Over-all Body Strength
  8. Have FUN!

Immediate, Multiple-Muscle Activation

Training with The MaxPAC® activates multiple muscles at once the instant you GRIP it!

Your fingers, fist, wrist, forearm (and biceps and pecs) all are immediately engaged!

You will “Feel the Burn” even before you begin your reps!

The “Time under Tension” is exponential!

“Work out in LESS time, with GREATER results!”

The Five Principles of the MaxPAC® for Best Results!

1. YOU MUST GRIP IT! Use ALL your fingers, thumb, and palm and SQUEEZE into it as you workout. KEEP THE SQUEEZE throughout all your reps!
That’s the Magic of The MaxPAC®!

2. USE 100% Muscle Movement – (NO Momentum! No swaying or flailing.)


4. Maintain Proper Posture and Joint Alignment (for safety and function)
(Spinal Column and Toes, Knees, Hip, Shoulders all aligned)

5. BREATHE! Exhale on the Exertion (from deep in your abdomen – not your cheeks!)
(This will shred your core even more!)

andrea hammer demonstrating pancake press

The Magic Is in the Grip! There Are Many Ways to Hold Them!

Squeeze into it, then go! You will immediately activate your fists, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and pecs! Have the sexy arm you’ve always wanted in a tank top! Squeeze them between your quads for lean, lovely legs, and a cutie booty! Sit on them for six-pack abs! Balance on them for better Stability! Swing them for Aerobic fitness! Meditate with them for Stress-Relief! Exerting multiple forces all at once throughout your body utilizes a lot of power! That’s how you get GREATER RESULTS IN LESS TIME! The MaxPAC® REALLY WORKS! FEELING IS BELIEVING! You will LOVE YOUR BODY!

MaxPAC® Grips & Holds

grip video placeholder

  • Sandwich Grip (2 hands -grip sides, horizontally or vertically)
  • Pizza Press (1 hand -open and held flat)
  • Taco-Shell (1 hand: “U” shaped)
  • Pancake Press (2 hands: Press The MaxPAC® between, like praying)
  • Knee Squeeze (MaxPAC® “length-wise” between inner quads)
  • Claw Grip/ Reverse Claw Grip (Hold The MaxPAC® vertically, with fingers overtop/or behind)
  • Inner Arm Bar (Palms UP with The MaxPAC® laid flat across both palms and wrists, for bicep curl or shoulder lifts)
  • Flexed-Foot *Ab Crunch Challenge: Feet together, balance The MaxPAC® on flexed ankles, lift and crunch)

Weight Training

  • Resistance Training
    • Strength, Conditioning, Toning, Muscle Development
  • Ballistic, Explosive, Velocity HIIT Training
    • Deliver Peak Power in an Instant!
  • Heavy-Load Power Training
    • Increase Muscle Size and Maximum Strength
  • Plyometrics
    • Improve Speed, Agility, and Body Fluidity

Stretching, Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

  • Low Impact Body Weight Movements
    • Open and Stretch: Back, Neck, Spine, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Core
    • Active and Resting poses and postures
    • Structural & Spinal Alignment
    • Core Strengthening
    • Improved Range of Motion and Flexibility
    • Spinal support and comfort for sitting /stretching/meditating

Strength & Balance

  • Static and Dynamic Balance Training
    • Greater Leg, Core, and Spinal Strength
    • Greater Foot, Ankle Strength and Flexibility
    • Better Stability, Mobility, and Coordination
    • Reduce the Risk of Falling

Peak Performance

  • Enhanced Strength and Functional Ability
    • Military-Level (Pass Your PT Test!)
    • First Responders (Police, Fire, Rescue)


  • Joint & Muscular Therapy From Overuse or Injury
    • Rehabilitation Facilities (Physical Therapists)
    • Chiropractic & Orthopedic Physicians
    • VA Hospitals

Coming Soon

Cross Training

Elite Athletes & Sports Teams
Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, and Martial Arts


Safe & Effective for Teens & Young Adults
Middle School & High School & University Gyms and Fitness Programs

Kids' Fitness

Safe, FUN Exercises for Elementary Age
Instill importance of health and fitness in early development

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