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The MaxPAC™

The MaxPAC™ won’t crack, chip, fade or lose shape. It has rounded edges that are soft and comfortable to grip, squeeze, hold, and press. It is hypoallergenic, cleans easily, and won’t absorb sweat or odors. The MaxPAC™ comes in vibrant colors to combat drab-black gym equipment.

Color sparks the ENERGY and SPIRIT within us!

The MaxPAC™ has a rectangular design for ALL the variable ways you can use it.

The MaxPAC™ comes in 3 different weights and sizes for all fitness levels:

  1. RED   (8Lb) – 10” x 7”x 1.5”
  2. BLUE   (16Lb) – 12” x 9”x 2”
  3. AQUA   (24Lb) – 13” x 11”x 3”